• It is the intent of this app to facilitate practice and informal competition for Bible Bowl/Quiz teams.
  • The internet is not designed to offer the same speed and accuracy as in-person quizzing equipment. Internet lag and latency is unpredictable and constantly changing. Due to these factors (and many others), the "fairness" of online buzzer systems cannot be guaranteed.
  • No warranty is offered as to the accurateness or "fairness" of this app.
  • Bible Quiz Shop offers study materials including books, software, and apps for several different Bible Bowl/Quiz groups. This app has been customized to the format of all of those programs, and it is these resources that fund this site.
  • If you are involved in a Bible Quizzing program not represented here, we would LOVE to hear from you and discuss how to add your group to the list of supported programs! For inquiries, please email Bible Quiz Shop or visit
  • Each Bible Bowl/Quiz group has its own distict terminology that it uses, and in some cases, a term used in one group has the opposite meaning in another group. We have attempted to customize this app to each group as much as possible, but some terminology has been made generic so that it is understandable to all users.
  • Here are some common terms which have been genericized:
  • Game: A match, quiz, or round.
  • Player: A student or quizzer.
  • Quizmaster: The Quizmaster. This is about the only term that is universal (although spellings vary).
  • Audio support is not currently integrated into this app. So that everyone may be heard while playing, we suggest using a free conference call service or
  • The ability to display the team scores and player buzz counts has been added so that all participants and spectators can see the live scores. Correct and incorrect buzz counts are automatically incremented. Correct questions are automatically added to the score and missed questions are subtracted (in groups where this applies). Some technical scoring such as fouls and bonuses will have to be updated manually by the Scorekeeper. If we have missed an element of your scorekeeping, let us know and we will see if we can add it.
  • We suggest that a Scorekeeper be assigned to keep the score and manually enter any updates not calculated by the system. The Quizmaster can also make score adjustments if needed.
  • The Quizmaster must initiate each game. First choose your Bible Bowl/Quiz program, then enter a code. It can be any code you choose, or simply click CREATE GAME and the system will auto-generate one for you.
  • The Quizmaster must give the gode to all players and should also tell each player the "location" of his/her team, either LEFT, RIGHT, or MIDDLE (for groups quizzing 3 teams at a time). This may be a color for those groups that use color designations.
  • Each player must also choose a Bible Bowl/Quiz group, enter the code provided by the Quizmaster, enter his/her name, and specify team position. Then click JOIN GAME.
  • The Quizmaster clicks CLEAR to initialize the system for buzzing, or LOCKED to temporarily deactivate the buzzers.
  • A player buzzes by touching or clicking the round buzzer. The system will indicate the first four players to respond. An audible "buzz" will sound on the winning player's device and also on the Quizmaster's device.
  • When a player buzzes, a timer starts on the Quizmaster's console indicating how long the player has to complete his/her answer (or in some cases, to start his/her answer, depending upon the Bible Bowl/Quiz program). Please be aware that this timer is based on when the PLAYER was notified that he/she was the first buzzer (NOT when the Quizmaster is notified). We have attempted to compensate for this difference, but due to internet limitations, the timer may be off by as much as a +/- 1 second.
There are 5 different states a buzzer can be in:
  • LOCKED: The buzzer is temporarily locked and disabled. It will go into READY state when the Quizmaster clicks CLEAR.
  • READY: The buzzer is ready to be pressed.
  • PRESSED: The buzzer has been pressed, but this buzzer was not the winner. Even the winning buzzer will turn this color for a split second before it indicates that it has won. This is so that the system can determine which buzzer was first.
  • WON: This buzzer was the first one pressed.
  • DISABLED: This buzzer has been disabled by the Quizmaster and cannot buzz until the Quizmaster enables it.
  • CLEAR BUTTON: Initializes all buzzers for buzzing
  • LOCK BUTTON: Temporarily deactivates and locks all buzzers
  • CORRECT: (appears after a buzz has occurred) Click this when the buzz was correct. The question value will be added to the appropriate team and that player's correct buzz count will be incremented by 1.
  • INCORRECT: (appears after a buzz has occurred) Click this when the buzz was incorrect. That player's incorrect buzz count will be incremented by 1. For groups which lose half point value, that value will be subtracted from the team's score.
  • INCORRECT PRE-JUMP: (appears for Free Methodist after a buzz has occurred) Click when the quizzer was incorrect on a pre-jump.
  • FREE CORRECT: (appears for AACS after a buzz has occurred) Click when the quizzer was correct on a free question.
  • FREE INCORRECT: (appears for AACS after a buzz has occurred) Click when the quizzer was incorrect on a free question.
  • DISABLE: (appears after clicking on a buzzer button on the scoreboard) Disables that player's buzzer.
  • ENABLE: (appears after clicking on a buzzer button on the scoreboard) Enables that player's buzzer.
  • BOOT: (appears after clicking on a buzzer button on the scoreboard) Boots that player from the room.